Haunts At The Font

Join us for an evening of ghost stories and spooky tales! Guests will be guided by lantern along a trail from our historic tobacco barn to Cragfont, looming creepily in the distance. Along the way, you will encounter a number of characters from Cragfont's spirited past. Each will have a spine-tingling story to tell! Before and after your tour calm your fears with apple cider by the fire and the soothingly spooky sounds of historic murder ballads performed by the Traveling Caudells.


Virtual Tour of Hawthorn Hill

Take a virtual walk through the untouched beauty of this early 19th century house, preserved in its state of elegant decay. Home of early Grand Ole Opry musician Dr. Humphrey Bate of The Possum Hunters, the home was built circa 1805 and has sat untouched for decades.